Commercial offer for the supply of asbestos

Propose to put in your address chrysotile asbestos standard 12871-93 production of Tuva-Asbestos, ltd.
A0-80 Price USD 4690 per ton packing polypropylene bag 15 kg, of 20 tons.
A1-50 Price USD 2470 per ton packing polypropylene bag 15 kg, in of 30 tons
A3-50 Price USD 980 per ton, polypropylene packaging bag 25 kilograms, of 50 tons

Prices are exclusive of transportation costs to transition station and a broker services. Asbestos in the warehouse in Novosibirsk and in a warehouse in Khakassia.

Delivery schedule and method of payment determined on the basis of agreements between our organizations.

We look forward to a constructive dialogue, to discuss in detail the terms of cooperation are ready to come to you at the plant or meet your representative in Novosibirsk.

Best regards,
Director of the Siberian quarries, ltd
Vyacheslav V. Eroshnikov

Fax: +7 (383) 203-26-40
Tel: +7 (383) 299-58-70
E-mail: info@sqltd.ru

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