Wavion WBS-2400 base station is an advanced wireless broadband base station, which operates in the 2.4 GHz unlicensed band. With an array of 6 antennas and 6 radios, the WBS-2400 leverages Wavion’s beamforming technology to provide superior connectivity, extended range and increased capacity.


Wavion’s advanced SDMA technology doubles the base station’s downlink capacity.

These unmatched characteristics enable service providers, municipalities, and enterprises to deliver high quality Wi-Fi service with significantly fewer base stations at a much lower cost.

The WBS-2400 base station is the ideal solution for urban and rural Wi-Fi deployments. Based on Wavion’s unique and powerful spatially adaptive beamforming technology, and operating with any off-the-shelf 802.11b/g standard based clients, the WBS-2400 provides significant performance gains in terms of range, throughput, indoor penetration and interference mitigation. This enables service providers to offer highly cost effective Wi-Fi service without compromising quality.


Superior range – Triples the coverage in comparison to conventional access points.
Uniform coverage – Wavion beamforming technology maintains high quality signals in NLOS conditions, thus enabling uniform coverage of the entire area. This creates a larger addressable market per base station.
Increased throughput – The superior link gain provides higher throughput and network capacity. Further more, the SDMA technology doubles the downlink capacity per base station.
Superior interference mitigation – The inherent spatial filtering of the beamforming technology and the unique dynamic interference handling capabilities ensure good operation even in noisy environments
Cost effective – By increasing the addressable market per base station, and by the standards based approach, Wavion provides the lowest cost per line
Carrier grade – Robust and weatherproof IP-67 platform, designed to withstand extreme weather conditions.

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